There will be two posts today, this is the first.

The Supersport is going strong, I am trying to take a decent length ride everyday and with new oil and more kilometers on the engine is feeling great. The fuel consumption is averaging between 4.2 and 4.3 litres per 100 kilometers, that works out at 24 kms per litre for those who measure in that way. The engine feels smoother and the torque from 3000 rpm can now really be appreciated. I have no major mirror vibration as some owners seem to have, but I blame that on sloppy running in procedure. Test bikes will probably never have been run in, and Ducati’s own recommendations can be improved upon. The manual tell you to keep the revs below 5500 rpm for the first 1000 kms and then 6000 rpm for the next 1000 kms. I have always prefered to build those revs up gradually and never exceeded 3000 during the first slow 150 kms. From there it was built up to 5000 rpm at the 1000 km point and now it will build up to the 2000 km point.

Some numpties on a Supersport forum took great pleasure in telling me how I was running my bike in the wrong way, but they are the ones complaining of vibrations. It is my bike and I will run it in the same way that I have run all of my other new bikes in.

Having said that there is little point in using much more than 5000 rpm as that is about 125 kmh in top and on the roads around here that is plenty.

I attached one of my Gopro cameras to a chest mount and made a little video yesterday, best viewed in HD on a TV.