A new toy for the garage

For a couple of years now I have used a flat bike lift in my garage. They are rated at 450 kgs which is big enough for just about any bike on the market.

These are produced in China and come with a huge variety of names on them. I did a little strengthening on the front of mine and had it bolted down to the garage floor. It was quite stable.

As I moved through bikes, centre stands seem to have disappeared, so a chock stand was bolted to the front of the lift to make life easier. The trouble is that without a centre stand the rear wheel cannot be easily removed. A new solution was needed.

At the beginning of November I flew to the UK and then onward to Milan, Italy, for the huge bike show called EICMA, with a UK based biker mate. The show was huge and well worth the ticket price, but I could not find anything there that took my fancy in the way of garage equipment.

After Milan I flew to the UK and went to the UK bike show at the NEC in Birmingham. This show is about a quarter of the size of EICMA with a larger entrance fee and disgusting food on sale.

I happened upon the Abba stand and remembered them from last year. They had the amazing Abba Skylift on offer for £399. Delivery to France was a further £35, so I bit the bullet and bought one. If you want to see what this stand can do the have a look at some of the youtube videos for it, it is nothing less than amazing.

The delivery was a bit of a pain, I had been told 10 days, but it was 23, not a real problem, just involved a number of phone calls to Abba in the UK. The stand needs assembling which is a very straight forward job, providing that you have some big spanners. Everything was very well wrapped for transit. The assembly time took about 3 hours, but I was being very careful, and squirting ACF50 inside the various tubes as the immaculate finish of the outside did not stretch to the inside. To be fair, the insides of square tubes would be difficult to paint.

The adaptors that were part of the kit were the same on the swinging arm mount for both the Monster and the Supersport but the adaptors for the rear strap were different, both were included in the kit. My Supersport was on it as soon as I had had my cup of tea.

 Nose up

Fir the first time in her life the Supersport has had the chain properly cleaned and lubed.

This is a great tool for the home user and is so solid the you can sit on the bike while it is in the air. I just hope that brexit does not ruin any European sales that Abba has in the pipe line as I am sure that friends are going to like this when they see it.