Not written very much on here for a while but there are things to write about. First of all the Monster 821.

The only thing that has changed is the exhaust. Gone is the overweight single sided twin silencer system to be replaced with a nice black single can. It sounds nice, it does away with the catalytic converter and it weighs very little.

The Supersport has had plenty of use over the year, it is up to 17,000 kms now and is about to get the third rear tyre fitted. I will stick with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso3 as that has proved to be excellent in all weathers. The termi exhaust is still as nice as it was on day one.

A Quick shifter has been fitted, Ducati item, with throttle blipper and it is fantastic. A HID xenon kit, 55 watt, has been fitted to the high beam headlight after a 9 hour journey that lasted into the night.

A USB port sits at the front for the GBS, but an additional fuse box is also about to be fitted to supply power for other odds and ends.

The bike also sports a nice lightweight Lithium battery, see an older post about Lithium on the 848 for details, I used the same make of battery as it is only 600 grams.

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