No, a classic bike will never be finished. Dinky the Ducati is ready for the road but there are still some minor things to be done. I took her out for a quick 5 mile ride today and can confirm that she runs very nicely.

Things that are left to do: When I returned from the road test, I got my wife to sit on the bike while I checked the front to rear wheel alignment. A 2 meter long aluminium straight edge showed that the chain adjusters were out at the back meaning that the the back wheel was going in a different direction to the front. The steering head bearings are loose and there is play in them. This is a common fault on the Ducati singles and involves 48 3/16″ steel ball bearings. I have read that these have a tendency to escape around the room if disturbed. I priced just the balls up in the UK at a Ducati specialist and they came to £7.50 plus postage for 48. Knowing that I could end up paying double  with the P&P I looked on ebay, 100 ball bearings for £4.48 and free postage.

I will also have to look at the rear shocks, I believe that these can be rebuilt but parts will be needed, so I will have to make an order of those before I start.

I am in the process of making all of the tools that I need to set and adjust the ignition timing. Ducati never put any timing marks on the 250 narrow case bikes so pointers and timing discs are needed and then a piston stop to determine TDC. I have been looking into electronic ignition systems and quite like the one offered HERE.  The company is based in Germany, and surprisingly just a short distance from where I lived as a child for many years and where I was based in the Royal Air Force for a while. I cannot seem to get hold of anyone on the phone at the moment so will try again in the new year.

If I do buy the system then I will write a review and make a video of the installation.

Finally, here are a couple of pictures of the bike as she is now with a picture of the bike on the trailer when we collected her last month.

p1080041s p1080037s

As she was:


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