Interesting find

When fitting the front tyre I noticed that the rims have been changed to alloy ones at some time in the bikes life. Care is needed when removing or fitting tyres to alloy rims as a normal tyre lever will damage the rim very easily.

I took the time to clean the wheels up before fitting the tyre, and Scotchbrite with WD40, in the bead area, followed by a cloth and T cut, on the whole wheel, works wonders. The front was done and the tyre was fitted without incident.

When it was time to do the rear wheel I found that the tyre was very tight on the wheel. As I did not want to use tyre levers at all I cut the tyre from bead to bead across the tread and removed it. Then came to cleaning the rim, it was different to the front wheel and just a bit of T cut had it shining like chrome. The alloy is a much better quality than the front rim. Here is a picture of the shine after a few minutes cleaning:


Then I cleaned the writing on the wheel and this is what it said:


The name BORRANI is well know in vintage bike circles, they used to produce very expensive alloy rimes for all sorts of bikes.

I made sure that I used plenty of soap that I stole from the bathroom to fit the tyre and the wheel was kept in perfect condition.


One thought on “Interesting find

  1. Dave Leslie December 16, 2016 / 4:24 pm

    Borrani wires were fitted on lots of sports cars as well, Astons, E types, I had them on my MG.


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