We went out to lunch today, a 5 course meal with wine and coffee included at €14 a head, and all home cooking. All the bikers who have visited know exactly which restaurant we ate at!

When I got home there was a missed call on the home phone, it was Dafy Moto in Perigueux. I knew exactly why they were phoning, my new tyres had arrived for the 250. I immediately got back into the car and shot into town to collect them, with 2 new tubes and a bottle of 20 weight fork oil.


The tyres have a very sporty tread pattern for such old sizes, but I suppose that there must still be a demand for them for some older bikes. The prices can be seen on the labels, but so can the max speed, 150 kmh or less, and this might be a problem as some of the 250 Ducati’s were capable of 170 kmh. I guess I won’t be asking that much of her, if I need some speed then I’ll take the 848 out.

The front tyre is now fitted to the very nice alloy front rim. Fitting the tyre took nowhere near as long as cleaning the rim up. Sometime in the past someone has used steel tyre levers and marked the rim, but that is all now polished out.

Tomorrow will be the back tyre and then a fork oil change. I will keep the old tyres for a laugh as they have been fitted to the bike for at least 24 years and still hold air!

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