Chock stands

I bought a chock from ebay a while ago, it was mad by Constands. and works very well with all of the bikes. I eventually bolted it to the front of the hydraulic workbench to make life easier when loading a bike. I have always intended to buy a few more for the bikes that are parked around the garage as they are very useful items.

I was in Perigueux the other day and happened to pop into Dafy Moto, the local bike shop to have a rummage. They had a pair of chock stands in boxes on the floor with no price on them, upon asking I was told that they were €88 each. After pointing out that they were only €65 on ebay, I walked out with both of them for €130 – great saving.

These were slightly different to the Constands ones and were not quite so easy to wheel a bike onto due to the steepness of the tipping ramp.

wheel chock

The answer is to remove the two rubber feet from the back (left in the picture) and bolt the stand down to the floor. this lowers the swinging ramp fulcrum by about 8mm but makes a huge amount of difference when putting the bike on or off the stand.

Only need another two or three and I will have enough for all the bikes!


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