Mark 1 headlight fitted!

Okay there are three basic reasons for changing the headlight. Light output, power used and looks.

The looks is easy because the 848 headlight is a great design on a great looking bike, the only thing that could look better would be to see two lights switched on while it is running rather than one, that has been sorted in the mark 1 headlight.

The light output is not too difficult either, use a HID xenon kit. To get better light for the standard light you would need two HID kits, one for dip and one for main, but that would need to have two ballasts fitted and space is at a premium. The answer is to fit a Bi-xenon projector (see earlier posts) in place of the fixed shield Ducati projector in the right side. This means that one HID bulb gives both dip and main beam with only one ballast.

The electrical power used by a HID xenon kit is 35 watts rather than 55 watts of the original bulb despite giving out about three times as much light. One 35 watt bulb also gives dip and main beam whereas the standard light uses two 55 watt bulbs (110 watts) on main beam.

By having a Bi-xenon on the right hand side that gives dip and main beam the left side becomes redundant, so I turned the left  projector upside down, to make that just another dip, then fitted an LED bulb inside which makes it look great. It does not provide a decent dip to ride with and uses hardly any electrical power, but is seen by other motorists.

The results can be seen in the video below.

There are two videos one after another from different positions. As you are looking from the front the left becomes the right so the HID xenon is in the left as you are looking at it and the LED fixed dip in the right.

I have called this the mark 1 headlight because everything evolves. The mark one could have a standard halogen bulb fitted to the dip/main projector if the owner does not want, or is legally not allowed, to use a HID kit.

The Mark 2 headlight is being planned at this moment and will also incorporate a relay and a switch so that the headlights can be switched off while working on the bike rather than riding, and to enable the bike to start up before switching on the headlight. (Being kind to the battery).

2 thoughts on “Mark 1 headlight fitted!

  1. Kai March 22, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    Hi, I am considering a two parallel lights conversion of my 1198 headlight. Have you got any hints or special tips how to disassemble the headlight case without (too much) damage as it is glued together?


    • rouffignac March 22, 2016 / 10:50 pm

      Yes, it is easier than you think. As it happens I also have a twin bi-xenon light on my desk at this moment, that will be the mark 2 version.
      The glue that is used is a type of rubber that softens when hot. On both lights that I have split so far, I have put them in the oven on 150c for 30 minutes to get the whole thing warm and then worked with a sharp blade and screw driver around the edge of the “glass” part. You will find that the black plastic in this area does distort a bit when you are separating, but if you warm it again it will be easy to reshape it. This part will never be seen when the front fairing is refitted. I used black mastic, from the hardware (DIY) store, applied cold to fit mine back together.


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