TST Tail light

I have admired the TST industries tail light with its array of LEDs in the past. The trouble with it is that it is made in the USA and postage to Europe makes it a very expensive toy. It can be seen on their website at https://tstindustries.com/Integrated-Sequential-Tail-Light-Ducati-848-1098-1198.html. They have also produced a very good video on how to fit the item which shows it in action. The video is at https://youtu.be/ZRJa8WxgLro.

I was lucky enough to see a second hand one for sale on one of the UK Ducati forums, so after a quick bank transfer and a short wait I now have my grubby hands on the TST light.


This first picture is the rear of the unit showing the two dip switches and the flasher unit to make the LED indicators flash at a normal rate. One dip switch controls the brake light and switches between a standard constant brake light on, or a multiple of quick flashes then constant on. I chose the constant on as I also have the brake lights in the indicators and the wife told me that it looked like something was broken with the number of flashes first. The other dip switch changes the integrated indicators from a “normal” flash to a wave as the video shows, I also chose the standard as I have other indicators too.


The other side of the light with the small inline flasher unit that is supposed to keep the flash rate at normal speeds.DSCN0360s

And the two units on the ground during installation. The original red one is also LED, but does not have the density of LEDs that the TST unit has. The TST will be fitted with the aircraft titanium bolts that can be seen below it, these weigh in at half the weight of the standard steel bolts and have been knocking around in my toolbox for years.

The installation went very easily, as shown in the YouTube video (link above). The only problem that I have found is that the relay box that is supposed to slow the flash rate does nothing. It is a solid state unit so I cannot look into it to see if there is something wrong.

EDIT: The relay that I refer to above is called a “flash rate controller” and I will obtain another one. Rather than order an overpriced one from TST at US $29 plush postage I have ordered one from ebay for £2.87 ($3,15) with free postage. The ebay link is here.

When the weather warms I will fit a Gopro to the front of the wife’s bike and get a road test video of the whole lighting setup. FOr now here are the results with the bike in the garage.

I have made a new video that shows the rear end from a better angle where the LEDs do not overwhelm the camera.

If you are considering buying a TST rear light and are still not sure, then please read the comments below this post where TST have spotted the blog and have offered to help with the flash rate, I have left it as written by TST to show what a great after sales service they offer.

4 thoughts on “TST Tail light

  1. Bart January 19, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    I am one of the engineers at TST Industries that worked on the design of this taillight and flash control module. Congratulations on grabbing up the unit second hand. There aren’t a lot of second hand ones out there. I enjoyed your blog article about our taillight, as well as some other ones I browsed through. I wanted to make a comment that the Flash Control Module that you got is the DUC01FRC1. This unit works only on 2008-2009 848 and 2007-2008 1098. All the 848 manufactured 2010 and later, as well as all the 1198 require the DUC01FRC2. The most likely cause of your signals still flashing fast is the incorrect flash controller for your application. If you need help with this please contact our support email. Mark will be happy to assist you with a solution.

    TST Industries


    • rouffignac January 19, 2016 / 1:51 pm

      This comment just goes to show that there is some excellent after sales teams out there in the world. Just so that readers know I was offered help from TST on one of the American Ducati forums before this comment was put on this blog.
      I have ordered a cheap flash controller from ebay, but don’t really expect it to work.
      Just so that readers are in the picture I have carried out loads of research into the TST tail light, way before I ever managed to get a second hand one, and had come to the conclusion that it is a great accessory. The reason that I did not buy one from the factory was the cost including postage was a little steep for me, someone who manages to live on a small military pension. I now think that it is worth every penny of the cost.
      Thank you TST.


      • trevor huddleston September 10, 2016 / 12:23 pm

        Do you know if it passes a UK Mot?


      • rouffignac September 10, 2016 / 12:26 pm

        No idea Trev, I live in France these days and we do not have MOTs on bikes here. Sorry.
        Might be worth asking the question on http://ducatiforum.co.uk/ someone there will know.


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