Rear indicators and brake lights

The Ducati SBK from about 2007 to 2012 all have an LED rear light fitted as standard. The lights are always on on European models. When the front or rear brake is applied the LEDs become brighter.

Last summer we had a number of bike visitors and one, Dave on his BMW R1200GS, commented that the brake light on the Ducati was not very obvious. It may be because with LEDs there does not seem to be too much difference between dim and bright. Time to do something about that!

I bought a set of four LED rear indicators, with additional brake lights built in, from ebay for the huge sum of £6 sterling. It turns out that the red additional brake lights can also be wired in with the rear light and come on brighter for a brake light. I did not want the rear light function so I cut the blue wire off.


This shows the new units compared to one of the old units above it. The style suits the shape of the rear of the 848. The orange LEDs are the indicators and the ones marked red are the rear/brake light, but I will only be using the brake part. The wires on these lights are: Black – earth, yellow – indicator positive, red – brake positive and blue unused rear light.

The pictures following are the best that I can do with a digital camera taking pictures of LEDs! I am sure that there will be a Gopro video coming along sometime soon that will show the lights as seen from my wife’s bike.


This is just the rear light of the bike with no brakes applied. It does look bright, but that was because the camera was looking directly at the LEDs. Worth noting is the bright white numberplate illumination LED.


Same as last picture but catching the flash of the indicator in the picture.


Notice how the background shows as almost black due to the intensity of the brake lights. The bikes rear light is brighter and the two brake lights in the indicators have come on. I consider it to be much safer to have additional brake lights rather than just the one.

The whole job took about 2 hours to complete and that included the strip down and the soldering of the connectors on the new units, and the rebuild. I could have used scotch lock connectors and saved time, but I prefer to do things so that they last.

3 thoughts on “Rear indicators and brake lights

  1. Gary December 21, 2015 / 11:29 pm

    Excellant write up & looks very good for safety. Can you post where these can be found on ebay please? Have you seen any front indicators (white & amber) that can double up as DRL’s perhaps?


    • rouffignac December 22, 2015 / 9:56 am

      Yes Gary, The link is here. The seller is unopery and he ships from Hong Kong. Hope that helps.
      For the front I am in the process of modifying a headlight, but another option would be to use flush COB LEDs as running lighs, they are very bright and there are tons of them on ebay.


      • Gary December 28, 2015 / 10:47 pm

        Thanks for the link, I will get them ordered 🙂 now looking for the flush COB LED’s.

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