Ducati SBK luggage

The 848 may be a sports bike but I find the riding position reasonably comfortable. I used to own a BMW R1150RT back in 2003 which was supposed to be a tourer, but the riding position was far too upright and gave me lower back pain from slouching, I changed that bike in 2004 for a BMW K1200GT which was more sporting and more comfortable.

The problem now is that if my wife and I go off somewhere on the bikes, she will be either on her BMW F800ST or our  spare Ducati, an ST2. Both of these bikes have some luggage capacity in the form of panniers, top box or tank bags. The 848 has no provision for anything other than a tank bag and then, due to the shape of the tank, it will need to be a very small one. We don’t camp these days so we just need enough  for a few nights in hotels.

I bought myself a seat cowl for the document storage underneath the rear seat from the Ducati dealer so had the rear seat put away in the garage, That rear seat is not capable of carrying a passenger unless that passenger is a size 8 Italian supermodel, and since my wife objects to me having one of those……


Seat cowl in place.


Seat cowl removed. There are two mounting points at the front and the catch at the rear which is operated by the key as shown.

The next step was to remove all of the staples that hold the cover down on the seat that used to fit here, and then take off the black seat cover and the foam. These were put away as they can be refitted in the future should I ever find that Italian supermodel. You are left with the plastic seat base that has all of the mounting points on it to fit it to the bike. A Givi top box mounting plate was then bolted to the plastic base.


It takes 5 seconds to change from one to the other.


The bike will never be ridden like this as a top box will be fitted and the whole top box and mounting can be removed together. When we travel I shall keep the red seat cowl inside the top box so that I can refit when we have reached our destination.


This is a Givi 45 litre top box fitted and does not look too bad, smaller and larger sizes can be bought. The weight is not so far back that it affects the handling too much as it is in the same position that Ducati expect that 60 kg super model to sit.

I will also wire in the LED brake light inside the top box with a quick release connector under the seat cowl.

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