More on the exhaust.

1st December turned out to be a nice warm sunny day here in the south of France, so time to take the 848 out and see what difference the new exhaust makes.

I know that the new cans are lighter than the old ones as I could feel the difference when fitting them, but out on the road it would take a much better rider than me to feel that difference. Even if 2 kgs was saved, that would only be about 1% of the weight of the bike without the rider, and I challenge anyone to feel what is about 3 litres of fuel!

The noise is much nicer, a deeper tone than the standard cans and a little louder. It is not intrusive for the rider, I use a Schubert C3 pro helmet. Town riding is not as loud as I expected because the bike now trundles at slow speed with more bottom end torque. Whereas I would have to cruise at about 4000 rpm before, it will now pull from 3500 rpm, so less noise.

I have no idea if the bike is more powerful at the top end, and to be honest I would not know if there was 5 bhp more or less than it was before.

My wife was following on the ST2 and commented that it sounds lovely when she stopped behind me, but could not hear the 848 above the ST2 GPR cans when on the move. I am very happy with these cans and consider them money well spent.

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