A new set of exhaust cans

I know that I have not written anything for a while, but my excuse is that I have been riding the bike. We have had quite a few biker visitors and they are a great excuse to get out. The battery has failed on my wifes BMW F800ST (Hawker Odyssey lasted 18 months!) so she has been riding the Ducati ST2 and loves it – especially the sound from the GPR exhausts. It all made the 848 sound a bit quiet so on Tuesday I phoned the company who make the Werx end cans in the UK. (http://www.pipewerx.com/). On Thursday afternoon the package arrived – now that is what I call service!

inbox1s Inbox2

Nice shiny stainless steel things in boxes get me excited and so did the free tee shirt in the box (My wife told me to get an XL which is far too big!).  After a thorough examination we decided that they are great quality items and have been very well made. Jude got hold of one and looked through it, always looking for a photograph she took these.

Tube2 tube1 The pictures are taken looking towards the outlet, the X cut into the back of the db killers lets the light in to show the perforations in the inner tube.

It took about 10 minutes to remove the old cans and fit the new ones. I used the straps off the old Ducati cans rather than the Werx supplied ones as I thought that they looked better.hanger3

And then I set up the Gopro on a tripod to hear what the difference in sound is like.

I have not had time to go out for a spin due to the muddy roads at the moment, but from just running the engine as seen in the video I can feel that the bike revs much quicker and smoother. I suspect that the elimination of the catalytic converter is partly the reason for that, and I should also get better economy for the same reason.

3 thoughts on “A new set of exhaust cans

  1. Tony McGurk November 23, 2015 / 8:07 am

    Sounds really nice without being too noisy. I like it.
    My bike’s got standars exhaust but I’d like something that sounds better. Problem is justifying the expense to my wife as she doesn’t appreciate motorcycles. She’d have me sell mine tomorrow if she could convince me how dangerous she says they are.


    • rouffignac November 23, 2015 / 9:32 am

      Many people seem to have the same bike problems as you do, I changed my wife for one hat has her own bike! Trouble with that solution is that she spends loads on bike gear and bits for her bike.
      Bikes are not dangerous, horses are. When I go into my garage full of bikes I come out safe and sound every time. If you go into a stable full of horses you can be sure that they will try to kick or bite you for no reason. I’ll bet that your wife likes horses.


      • Tony McGurk November 23, 2015 / 10:56 pm

        She really loves horses actually & if we lived in a rural area I’m sure she’d want one. She always says how much she’d love a horse. We were at an agricultural show once & as we walked past one of the horse stalls this horse stretched out his neck & bit her on the shoulder. Left a good set of horse teeth marks on her. Your point is proven

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