Exhaust valve 2

As promised, this post will complete the exhaust valve elimination mod.

In the last post I had left the bike with a temporary bodge (aircraft term), a metal profile to make the ECU think that there were still cables fitted operating an exhaust flapper valve. I have covered a few kilometres with it like that and was happy with the way the engine feels, but unhappy with the bodge, see the next picture:

oldmotorThe Bodge is the scabby bit of metal on the motor, it may look bad but it fulfilled its function. Much nicer things to see in this picture are the two nice titanium bolts that hold the small motor to the bike. The motor was removed and turns out to be quite a heavy lump. Here it is looking lost on the garage floor:

motorThe replacement for the motor was bought from ebay in the US as item number 280869731831. It was made by a company called Vizi Tec and sold buy a seller called Blautee. Total cost including postage to France was around £40. Delivery was very quick, but I was surprised when this is what I received in the post:

DSCN0170sA personal note from the seller wishing me a happy birthday! I cannot quite read his name, and have no idea how he knows my name or that it was my birthday, but thank you for that little bit of paper, it made my day.

DSCN0171sThis shows the size of the box compared to the great lump of a motor. Before anyone notices, it is only the ruler that was made in England and as soon as my wife reads this and realises that I have stolen a ruler from her desk I shall be in trouble! The website of the manufacturer can clearly be seen in the picture, I assume that it is made in the US but can be bought all over the world easily from ebay.

new boxNow compare this picture with the picture of the motor fitted above and you will immediately see that bulk and weight has been saved by doing this mod. You will note that there are two tie-wraps fitted to mine, but the kit comes with just one, the reason is that I have a tub full of them and you never know – one might break.

With the motor and the cables removed from my bike it is probably nearly a kilo lighter. That should be great for performance, but there again if I carried less change in my pocket I could also save that much weight and still would not notice it when I ride!

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