Being quite a sporty bike the 848 riding position is not the most comfortable and much of the riders weight is on the arms. Don’t get me wrong, I like this position as I find it better on my back than an upright position. Back in 2004 I got rid of my BMW R1150RT and bought a BMW K1200GT just for that reason. The RT had me sitting bolt upright which caused me to slouch and get a sore back after a while. I could never ride a Hardly Davidson.

I had noticed that the bar grips were quite hard  which were fine for a few hours on a track (I assume), but not so for the road. After much internet research I found that I could get more comfortable grips and the ones to go for were made by Progrip and were the 717 dual density version. They have a soft compound on the inside, next to the bar, and a harder compound on the outside. It took about 10 minutes to change them without cutting the old ones off, but by peeling and wiping with shaving soap. The new ones slipped on easily.

The feel is great.


DSCN0145sAs can be seen the new grips even have a tint of red in them where you can see the softer compound.

One of the next things that I want to look into is the chain guard. Having been a BMW owner all of my life, I am not used to having a piece of precision engineering (the chain) flapping around in the wind and open to the elements, it is almost stone age! The one thing that I have done is to keep it well lubricated. The trouble is that the small black plastic chain guard is far too short and lets the chain fling lubricant all over the back of the bike. I need to see if there is a longer one available but if not then I will make this one longer with a length of aluminium and some pop rivets. The following picture shows the problem.


I have also ordered a 14 tooth front sprocket to replace the 15 tooth that is fitted. With the 15 tooth I cannot use top gear below about 125 kmh and the first gear crawl up the track from my house needs loads of clutch slipping. The 14 tooth will make it easier to ride around town too.


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