First of all the 20mm lower back end works absolutely fine. There is no perceptible difference in the handling and at the moment I don’t feel that I need to lower the front end too.

The Metzeler M7RR tyres are great, but they would feel better than well worn Pirelli tyres anyway.

I had to lower the dip headlight beam a little after lowering the back of the bike so thought that I should examine the headlight. What I found was that both dip and main beam headlights use a projector for the 55 watt  halogen bulbs. The projectors are not bi-xenon in that they are either dip or main beam and not both, for more explanation see an earlier post about the ST2 headlight. The dip has a fixed shield inside it to give the dip beam cut off, great so far. Looking at the main beam I found that it is fitted with the same projector as the dip, but turned upside down! That means that it has a shield inside which cuts off the light being thrown downwards, crazy in my opinion. Why did Ducati build such a beautiful bike with great engineering and then not bother using a proper main beam projector or removing the shield?

My plan is to change the projectors to bi-xenon with solenoid operated shields for at least the dip beam and may also do the main or may just remove the shield. The first option would give me two dip beams – something that I don’t feel that I will need, and the second option will give one great dip and two fantastic main beams. This is not the first time that this has been done, but I do things my way not for a profit, but because I want the best.

I found this youtube video which gives me some inspiration, but as European bikes have their dip beam permanently on I don’t see the point in the “angel eye” rings around the projector.

I might also treat the dip beam to a HID kit which will give me a 35 watt headlight on dip and a 35 watt and 55 watt on main. The only problem with doing just the one is that the 35 watt will be about 3 times as bright as the 55 watt halogen. The advantage is that the bikes charging system will be loaded less.

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