Fitting a hugger

The 848 is a nice light bike and I would not do anything to add huge amounts of weight to the machine. Having said that I would not go to the great expense of covering everything in carbon fibre as the saving of a few grams does not warrant the expense. Carbon is also easily damaged by impact (I used to work on Harrier aircraft!). A rear hugger is going to get stones hitting it at some stage so I found this hugger on ebay for a good price. It comes from Germany, is less than half the price of carbon and is probably 5 grams heavier. To compensate for the extra weight I will remove a coin from my pocket when I ride as I would not want to lose any performance!  It comes finished in a white gel coat with the holes to be drilled.

DSCN0103sThis picture shows the area behind the rear cylinder where the gravel that is chucked up from the rear wheel seems to accumulate. There may be some small stones in there but the whole of the rear suspension has also been showered in them too.

DSCN0104sThese are the three threaded holes in the standard Ducati swinging arm. One of the small black plastic blanks sits in the right most hole but the others have been removed to reveal the 5mm threads.

DSCN0106sThree pan head screws were run in and out of the swinging arm to make sure that the holes were all clear.

DSCN0108sThe white hugger was rubbed down with 600 grade wet and dry used wet to give the paint a good key and the corners of the hugger were rounded a little to clean it up. Three coats of acrylic gloss black paint were then applied from a spray can.

DSCN0109sThe finish was very impressive.

DSCN0110sThe hugger was then fitted using the 5mm screws with a rubber washer and then a stainless steel washer. The rubber washer was there to allow the hugger a little flex rather than fixing it solid which could result in it cracking. I would have used Loctite on the bolts but these will need to come out again to fit the adjustable ride height link when that arrives.


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