848 first job list

Since picking up the bike and taking the first ride home a few days ago I have not been out on it at all. There are two reasons for this, the first is that the temperatures have been in the high 30’s so it is far too hot to wear helmet, long trousers and gloves. The second is that since the Irish and Aussie bikers were here a few weeks ago I have been suffering with gout in my right foot – very painful. I blame the visitors because we had a fantastic BBQ at their campsite when huge quantities of red wine were consumed, and everyone knows that causes gout!

It has given me time to do some research on the web to see what can be done to the 848. The first thing that I have ordered is an adjustable link for the rear suspension. The seat height is quite high at 830mm and the back end is quite stiff which leaves me unable to flat foot when stationary. I intend to drop the rear by about 20mm when the link arrives.

The rear spring pre-load was set so that I had only about 8mm of static sag when that should be around 20mm. After finding the decent double ended C spanner in the garage I started to adjust the collars only to find that the steel collars against the alloy of the shock had made then very difficult to move. A bit of lubrication and some time soon got them to 20mm sag position. At this stage I noticed that the ball end bearings in the fixed link were also corroded, this will be changed when the adjustable link arrives, but being the perfectionist that I am I had to sort them out. The reason for everything being difficult in this area is due to the lack of rear hugger letting all sorts of road dirt and water spray over the suspension, a hugger will be ordered next week.

I have also removed the rear footrest hangers as the bike will never carry a passenger, not that it would be comfortable for any passenger for more than 20 meters as the seat was designed for a midget or an alien!

I also noticed that the chain was dry and then realised that as the bike has no centre stand to make lubrication easy. I ordered a single sided paddock stand, making sure that the peg on the stand is on the left so that the wheel can be removed. Talking of wheels, I have also ordered a set of Metzeler Sportec M7RR tyres. I don’t want to use the Metzeler M6 or M8 sport touring tyres that our other bikes have fitted as I don’t think that they will do justice to the 848’s cornering ability.

More to come………


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