Another toy

The ST2 has turned out to be a great bike, a competent all-rounder one could say. The bars are a little low for long distance touring and the bike generates plenty of heat which is not ideal for here in the south of France, but with all the modifications that I have made there are no other complaints.

One thing the ST2 has done is to inject a bit of Ducati into me. With that in mind I had a look at some of the more “sporting” bikes. I decided that I like the 848, I like it better then the newest 899 Panigale, so I started looking around. The 848 and 1098 are the same bike with lots of power or mega amounts of power, well I don’t do mega so the 848 was the target of my attention. They come in red, white or a light black colour and I like the red and the white, but the red has to be the one as it does not need to say Ducati on the side as everyone knows what it is.

It is  my birthday next month so my wife and I went for a drive in the car with the aircon on – well it was in the high 30s today. When we returned I was riding the very pretty red 848 that she told me I could have for my birthday. Yet another bike is now squeezed into the garage, that makes four of them!

twoladiesIn the bright sun today!

The blog will continue with anything that I can modify on the ST2 but will also cover stuff on the 848. The first item that I have ordered is the lowering link for the rear suspension so that I can have more control when stationary. The rear footrests and hangers have been consigned to a shelf in the garage as they will never be used. LEDs have been ordered, and fun will be had by all!


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