Test of a battery booster (not a Ducati part)

Being the owner of various things that start with batteries, four motorbikes, car, motor home, aircraft, ride on mower (for cutting the airfield), etc. I tend to keep a pair of jump leads in the main car just in case. I have seen tests on starter boosters on youtube that seem to be boxes that contain Li-ion batteries and are claimed to be able to start diesel cars. Time to try one out so I ordered one from ebay (LINK) that was to come from China for the grand total of around £37 (€45ish). This is what came:

box1It tells me that it is the “Enhanced 12v diesel version” but having read the gobbledegook in the green star on the box, I am not sure what might greet me when I open the box!  This was inside:

caseA nice slime green case which was spotted by my wife who immediately decided that she liked the colour and needed the case! After slapping her and telling her that it was needed to keep the contents in place, we eagerly opened it to find this:

contentsLots of wires and boxes and things. There were some instructions in both Chinese and English, but the English was so bad that I had more chance of understanding the Chinese and that looked like scribble to me!



All was not lost as one of the holes on the “box” read Input and it just so happened that there was a cable with a plug on it the fitted that hole. It was a bit worrying that the “box” weighed next to nothing and we all know that diesel engines need huge batteries that a single human cannot lift!



So the “box” was put on charge. It took 10 minutes for all the lights to be lit so I assumed that it was full.

The only thing that I have at the house to test it on is my 125cc monkey bike. Like the “box” it is Chinese so not the most reliable thing and the battery is always dead despite being a new one. Good job that the monkey bike has a kick start! Off I went with the “box” and one of my trusty Gopro cameras and tested. The following video is the result:

In conclusion: The “box” works on the monkey bike and will work on the ride on mower at the airfield, whether it would work on my 4×4 diesel car is unknown as I do not intend to mess around and find out. Would it start the Ducati? Not sure about that, but I might make up a trailing lead to the battery that terminates under the seat so that I could plug this thing into the bike should I need it,

This is also something that I would carry with me on the bike when we go touring as I can charge other electronic items with it and we have plenty of those when we are out on the bikes, just for example, 2 Gopro cameras, 2 Sena SMH10 Bluetooth intercoms, 2 Google Nexus tablets and a camera. It also has a torch but I doubt that will be used much.

Thanks for reading.




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