Windscreen – Pare brise

I was browsing ebay a couple of weeks ago and put Ducati ST into the search bar to see what was around. I came up with a black tinted windscreen, now I do not need a windscreen as mine is fine, but at €16 (£11,60) I just had to order one. It comes from Hong Kong and the ebay item number is 201257447952. Click on the number for the link. I was not expecting anything fantastic for that money, but thought that I would have a look at it.

Today this turned up in the post:


Like a kid with a new toy I set to opening the parcel, it was very well packaged and so survived the journey from Hong Kong intact. Here is the packaging:


I was downstairs in the garage like a racing snake to see how it fits. The fit is very good and did not need any adjustment at all. The thickness of the plastic is about the same as the original Ducati screen on the bike and I was impressed by the overall quality of the screen for the price that I paid for it. The only thing that I don’t know at the moment is how scratch resistant it will be. When I have cleaned the first few batches of dead flies off the screen I will report back, but if it does scratch easily then I will just fit the old screen back on. At the price that I paid I could afford to buy a new one every year!

Here it is fitted:

fittedfLooks great!


2 thoughts on “Windscreen – Pare brise

  1. lee March 10, 2015 / 8:31 am

    Bob i have one been on for about a year, n no worries, the only thing id say is for an OZ ADR id say the plastic must or musnt shatter,or shard, these i doubt will comply


    • rouffignac March 10, 2015 / 9:05 am

      That’s good for potential customers then. Changing stuff like this is no problem here in France as there are no ongoing technical inspections for motorbikes, just for cars.


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