Ducati ST fusebox

Was a day of rain today, so after our visit to the village market where we drink coffee, eat croissants and meet the locals, it was perfect for playing with the ST2. There was one job that I had been saving, sorting out some electrical stuff that I had done earlier. The voltmeter on my dash and the LED daytime running light on the front of the bike had been wired into the output (fused) side of fuse three in the fusebox. That is a supply that is on when the ignition is on.

I am not sure about other ST2s or the 3s or 4s for that matter, but my fusebox has three spare fuses with no function at the bottom of the box. I disconnected the battery positive before starting as I have seen aircraft burn because accidental electrical shorts. The fairings all came off to give me access to everything and to give them a clean and polish. The fusebox was removed from the mounting (two screws) and turned over to reveal that Ducati had left the correct connectors in the spare spaces ready for wire to be added. On my bike each connector is removed by inserting an instrument screwdriver up the outside of the connector and pulling the connector out with some long nosed pliers. I fitted 15 cms of wire to each connector and fitted them back to the fuse box, they just push in. In one position I connected one side to the supply for fuse three so giving me an extra fuse.

The LED driving light and the voltmeter were then wired to the other side and a 7.5 amp fuse fitted. I will need to change that for a 1 amp at a later date.

Some people may consider the couple of hours work for this job a waste of time, but I am a perfectionist and a time millionaire so I don’t care!


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