The GPR sound

As it was a nice day today, and I have just about finished all the work on the 125 monkey bike, I thought that I should get the Ducati out for a few photos, Here is one that I put onto Facebook:

sidesmallThis shows the GPR exhausts finally fitted with the panniers. There is no interference now that the right side link pipe is bent slightly and enough hangers are used to keep the cans low.

DCIM999GOPROA wide angle picture taken with the Gopro camera.

There are a few things in this video that may interest other ST riders. The voltmeter is an LCD display wired to be on with the ignition. The daytime running light at the front is also always on with the ignition. The side/parking light is an LED but looks better than the camera shows. The front indicators have had the orange screens removed and have 21 watt orange bulbs instead of 10 watt white ones. The rear indicators are LED and the rack is cut down to look smarter – that might be silver instead of gold by next week. The swinging arms is painted high gloss metallic silver to match the bike. The Optimate battery charger lead is permanently wired to the battery. I also have a lead ending in a USB socket that can be attached to this for charging GPS, tablets, Gopro cameras, or the Sena SMH10 bike to bike intercoms that we use.

The sound of the GPR is not as good on a youtube video as it is in real life, and for the price that this is in Europe, (see earlier thread for ebay seller) it is great. You may notice the small dent in the left link pipe where I had to bend it to get it to fit, but that does not worry me. I have not fitted the GPR stickers as I do not like colours all over my bike.



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