New Exhausts – GPR

Nothing wrong with the standard ST2 exhausts apart from the weight and the lack of noise. One thing that is unique with any Ducati is the sound of the engine, so it is time to change the exhausts. My wife’s BMW F800ST has a carbon can on it that sounds good with the parallel twin but is much louder than the Ducati.

I searched ebay and found THIS. The same exhaust system from the UK GPR importer (on is about 30% more expensive so I ordered from the French dealer, it took 3 days to get from Milan, Italy to my doorstep. After opening the box I was quite impressed with the quality of the welding and the bits and pieces that came with the kit, apart from the mounting strap (more later). There was also a European Certificate of conformity to prove that the exhaust was legal. We do not have any technical inspections on bikes in France so I could have got away without this.

cofcThe first thing to do was to assemble the exhausts and see how good they look!

Old1Here is the old standard exhaust ready to be removed. There is only one bolt and a spring to remove to get these off, and it took me 5 minutes.

newboxThe new exhausts needed attaching to the link pipes and the two holding springs fitting. There were also two bags of bits for fitting them to the bike.

newnold1Here is the left new one fitted. Note the stainless steel finish compared to the aluminium finish of the old one. The new are also about 4 cms shorter. What you cannot see is the weight difference, the old one is about twice the weight.

rearviewThey look much nicer from the back too. There is still some final adjustment to be done so that they are both fitted exactly the same, but this was fine for a test ride.

dbkillUnderneath each tail pipe is a screw which removes the DB killer should you want more noise, I left them in for the test ride as the new system sounded great on tick over as it is.

The sound is deeper than the standard and the bike seems to be a little smoother, but that may be just a placebo effect. I do not expect to have any more power with the new system – I changed it for the noise. The weight saving may be a few kilos, but I challenge anyone to feel that out on the road, and if 5 kilos were to make a difference to the performance then I would just put less fuel in the bike when I fill it up.

All good so far, but there has to be a downside, and there is. The mounting for these silencers is cheap and nasty. I don’t have the pannier racks fitted at the moment and I am not sure how to would go with them, but without they look crap!

mount1As can be seen from this picture, the only way to fit is with very long screws and alloy spacers that were supplied with the system. The cheap straps around the silencers had holes in the end that needed opening for the huge bolt to fit through. It would have been easy for the manufacturers to shape that cheap strap so that the tag ends were inboard of the silencer and there would be no need to fit the spacer. The left side link pipe was also shaped slightly wrongly and with that fitted it needed bending outward about 2 cms. Had I not done this then the swinging arm could have touched the silencer on compression.

oldmountThese are the alloy mounts that are fitted to the old standard silencers and my next project will be to remove these and either fit them to the new system or use them as a pattern to make some new mounts.

For the price this system is very good value for money, but I would have been happy to pay 10% more and had some decent mounts. Having said that I would buy them again as the competition is much more expensive.


3 thoughts on “New Exhausts – GPR

  1. Jude February 14, 2015 / 11:12 am

    Very smart and sounds even more sexy!


  2. Leonard Assink July 18, 2016 / 3:20 am

    Did you entertain mounting the exhaust beneath the seat? If so, what stopped you? If you’ve done any research into it, what solutions did you find? I have been considering a mono-swing arm conversion or small mufflers with a fully redesigned taillight assembly.


    • rouffignac July 18, 2016 / 5:48 am

      I never considered moving the exhaust. The ST is a sports tourer and underseat exhausts are for sports bikes, like my 848, that need cornering ground clearance. Fitting the GPR end cans was a simple quick modification.
      The single sided swinging arm would look nice but again would do very little to improve what the bike is designed for. I want to keep the ST2 looking like an ST2 as is is a great all-rounder as it is. I feel that to change it into a monster would be pointless as Ducati have done that before.


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