A tidy up

Just a few things to tidy up some loose ends. It was pointed out that LEDs light up quicker than incandescent bulbs and this can be a good thing for brake lights as they will be seen quicker by following drivers. They do light  up quicker, but I am not convinced that it will make much difference, as the following video shows:

In this short video I have wired up one standard indicator with the LED indicator as fitted to my ST2. The video is real time, I have not slowed it at all. If you watch it you can see that the LED is very on/off, whereas the incandescent is not.

This video is showing the front indicators with the orange 21 watt bulbs fitted and the orange filters removed from the housings. These are so noticeable with these higher wattage bulbs that I have no intention of changing them for LEDs. The LED strip below the headlight is very obvious in this video.

flasher If I had wanted LED flashers all round or if the flash rate had changed then I would be fitting this to the bike. These CF-13 electronic flasher units are available in two lead or three lead versions to suit all bikes from ebay for a couple of pounds.

The standard rear indicators, that sit on the shelf, have room inside to fit the small 9 LED red panels should you want to fit them as auxiliary brake lights. I had these on a previous BMW R1100S as shown below.


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