Gopro mounting on the bike

I have a pair of Gopro Hero3 black action cameras and love to use them on the bike. As my wife rides her own bike, I get videos front and back from my bike of her following or leading. The BMW K100RS was a great bike for the Gopro as it is heavy and there are loads of places for mounting the cameras, the Ducati is not so good. The trouble is that the camera need to be mounted to something very solid to eliminate vibration, the Ducati is only two cylinders and there is nowhere on the back that is solid! If you use the Gopro mount with an extension, then the vibration increases.

gpfrtHere is the modified mount fitted to the front of the windscreen. It is as far forward as practical so that it is on the more solid part of the screen. Because this part of the screen is quite vertical and I did not want to use an extension, this mount is modified slightly to allow the camera to tilt back far enough to get a good picture. The view of what the camera sees is set up using the Gopro app on my Android tablet before setting off.

gpmount1This is the rear mount on the old indicator mounting. Not sure why I have smudged the numberplate, but everybody seems to do it these days!

gpmount2A closer picture showing that I had no choice and had to use and extension. I am not sure how this will work out but a test ride will show. This camera is mounted upside down as Gopros can be used either way up. It is mounted to the old indicator mount and is bolted as well as having the sticky pad, this is an attempt to make it more solid.

This is a video filmed from the front of my BMW. It is filmed in 1080 HD video, so can be viewed like that if you have a fast enough internet connection.

There are loads of bike videos on my youtube channel.

One thought on “Gopro mounting on the bike

  1. pastframe January 13, 2015 / 7:30 pm

    That is a really nice road in the video. I wish we have something like that here.


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