Ducati ST headlights part 2a

Why part 2a? Well this is just a bit of finishing off and could have been tagged onto the end of the last post.

The first picture shows the connections for the cutoff (or shutter if you prefer) so that it opens when main beam is selected. It came with the two wires, red + and black -, in a small plug. The plug is not required in this case and a piggy back Lucar connector was fitted to the red, and a ring tag to the black wire.

cutoffIt is worth sorting these wires out before you fit the light assembly into the black plastic of the headlight. You can do it afterwards as long as you have tiny hands with 30cm fingers. Here the ring tag (black) is marked with the green – I know but black would not have shown up on the picture! And the red is marked with red. 🙂

I don’t have a picture of the ST headlight with a standard sidelight (or parking light if you prefer) bulb fitted, but it is a yellowish bulb that is not bright and consumes about 5 watts. Instead I fitted an LED panel, (see earlier post about LEDs) that is a pure white light and uses about 1.5 watts. The panel is an ebay item costing around £2 and comes with a 3m sticky back.

Led1From this picture you can see that it fits right in the centre of the headlight. I could have fitted a bigger one at the bottom, but that would use more power, I could also have fitted two! This will be inside the headlight when finished and will need the headlight to be partially disassembled should it ever fail, but these LED have a very long life and should outlive the bike.


This is what it looks like when switched on. It is brighter than it looks, the camera has tried to compensate for that, but please don’t be mistaken into thinking that you could see the road at night with it, LEDs are for being seen rather than seeing with. Tell me that any car driver is not going to see that coming! This is a great substitute for a DRL should you prefer not to ride with the headlight switched on.

If you look into the projector in the second picture you will see that the cutoff is now in the top – where it should be.


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