New tyre and some mods

Woke up today to a damp mist, not weather to get any of the bikes out, so off we went to town for our coffee and croissant. When we arrived back home I decided that the afternoon would be spent playing in the garage. The Ducati is still up on the workbench so I would remove the back wheel and take it into Perigueux in the morning to get the new Metzler Z6 tyre fitted.

Once the wheel was off I set about drilling the bolts at the rear of the swinging arm as these are known to come loose and can cause quite a bit of damage if they do, the intention is to wire lock them. The bolts and the back plates were drilled without problem and then a small (1.2mm) hole was drilled in the rear of the swinging arm.

This is the finished item:

DSCF5927sI know that the first thing anyone is going to say is that there is a crack in the hub, well there isn’t, that is a line that I accidentally drew on the picture when I was reducing the resolution in GIMP!

The second thing that readers are going to say is that the rear wheel is fitted to the bike. Yes it is, I got carried away and changed the tyre myself rather than wait an extra day. The main thing is that the end plates and the bolts are now wire locked. I wasted 25 years of my life as an aircraft engineer so I know how to wire lock! If these come loose while riding the rectangular end plate is able to swivel and can get caught up in the rear sprocket with disastrous results.

While I was bored I also raised the rear of the bike by about 5mm by adjusting the link rod at the rear shock absorber.

DSCF5932sOne complete turn of this eye end seems to change the rear ride height by about 10mm. I had reduced it by that amount when I first got the bike as I have shorter legs than standard, but realised that 10mm was too much and have lengthened that rod by the half turn. Having the back higher makes the handling more sporty so it will also help that a few weeks ago I dropped the forks by 10mm through the top yoke.

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