A few more pictures

It turned out to be a sunny but very cold day today. As the ST2 needed some fresh air, I pushed it out for some. You didn’t think I was going for a ride at +2c did you? I have a car for that. I took some photos and here they are:

Front showing LEDsThe front looks nice now. This picture shows the row of LED daytime running lights that I have fitted. They come on with the ignition and stay on till the ignition is switched off. They only draw about 2 watts so will not be a strain on the charging system.

DSCF5914sFrom this angle you can see that the red crash bungs on the side of the fairing look better in black rather than red. The single rear shock can be seen with the yellow spring, this is adjustable for spring pre-load, rebound and also compression damping. The front suspension has the same adjustments.

DSCF5915sThe new LED indicators can be seen in this view, I am very pleased with how they look. Note that there are no rear foot pegs fitted – I removed them as this is not a bike that will ever take passengers, I have the BMW K100RS for that. The rear tyre is near the end of its life, but the new one is here ready to be fitted.DSCF5917sI did say that the sun was out! The amber filters have been removed from the front indicator units and 18 watt amber bulbs have been fitted instead. It looks a bit more modern and the brightness of the indicators is a huge improvement over the older 10 watt bulbs behind the screens.

What is not quite so easy to see is that the standard dip beam projector in the headlight has been changed to a bi-xenon HID unit. More about that in a future post.

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