First sight

I have never owned a Ducati before, but have always admired the strange desmodromic valve system which I studied at school. I used to drool over the Ducatis of the ’70s and ’80s that had names like 860GTS and 900SS, but was not sure if that was what I wanted.

In November I noticed an advert for a Ducati ST2 for a fair price so started a three day trawl of the internet to see what it was. It turned out that it was a similar class of bike as my wifes BMW F800ST, so I had to have it.

IMG_5669This was the picture that Brian, the owner, sent to me. The stand baffled me at first, but it does have a centre stand.

It also has a set of Ducati panniers and frames.


Day one was spent looking over the bike. The first few dislikes became apparent, these were: the red stripe on the front mudguard, the red frame sliders (mushrooms) on the fairing and the orange tape above the headlight.IMG_20141119_120123

The red grill behind the front wheel also looked odd.IMG_20141119_120140

Oh dear, it has a chain! Not something that I know much about.IMG_20141120_103527The two bikes are very similar in size and power output, but where the BMW has the rock solid reliability, the Ducati has the character. The Ducati is also much quieter than the BMW but that is because my wife prefers a piece of carbon fibre drain pipe to an exhaust silencer!

Note that the red stripe has gone – a cloth and some acetone soon sorted that one! The mushrooms are now black, the orange pinstripe has gone, and the little grill is now gold to match the wheels.

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